Chop Sticks

Chop SticksMy daughters are adept with chop sticks.  I wasn’t!  I may have even publicly embarrassed them a time or two.  Shortly after one of those evenings in a DC restaurant Brenton sent me a gift of a dozen pairs of multi-colored chopsticks for my birthday.  I found this YouTube instructional video and taught myself the art of chopsticking!  Yippee me!  So, new talent under the belt, I find that I now often serve sushi at small home gatherings as an appetizer, and everyone has their “own” color for the evening. Nice, right?!  Liam ChopstickI must say that Liam is beginning early, albeit he is just using one “stick” and stabbing food!  This particular evening at Empire in Boston, he was so happy with his delicious dinner and chopsticks that he blurted out “Happy! I’m Happy”!  To all of my fellow novices, I suggest Practice, Practice, and Practice More…in the seclusion of your own home!

Appetizers as Dinner

Serving several appetizers, enough to qualify as dinner, is one of my favorite manners of entertaining.  And I enjoy it even more when no plate is necessary.  That way you can hold your drink, hold a conversation, and nibble throughout the evening.  So, as you venture through the blog, you are likely to see a plethora of appetizers, and small dribbles of entrees etc.  Also, I always keep a tray with something wonderful in the kitchen as there is always a crowd gathered there!

Simple Kitchen hors doeuvres