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Peg in the Kitchen

Peg Corbitt Hardee was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina (ENC, affectionately). Through her experiences in the South and in all of her travels elsewhere, she has become the Queen of the Party. PegHardee.com will document her take on preparing everything from age-old recipes to modern cuisine, tips on how to decorate one’s home and entertain guests, and discoveries from her various travels. The bottom line is that she knows how to have fun while maintaining necessary sophistication and will enjoy sharing such insight with you. Cheers!

by Brenton Hardee, February 2, 2013

Peg for new banner tinyApril 2, 2013  I have been working on this blog for a couple of months now, although only my fam knew how to find it. As I prepared to make PegHardee.com (formerly Come on in, friend!) visible, I wanted to share my thoughts on the venture. This is a source for me to catalog recipes and cooking experiences, adventures in entertaining, and travels with family and friends. I do not consider myself a chef; merely a home cook. Nor am I the consummate entertainer; I simply gather family and friends in the comfort of my home. I am not a daring traveler; I am only a bit adventuresome and like to explore artsy and historical locales, and have fun in far flung (and not so far flung!) places.

Fletch VIII

The Fab Fam of Five (this was before Liam, Lucy, and Parker!)

This is how it happened! ~ I published a cookbook titled Look Who’s in the Kitchen in 2008 for my daughters, and nieces and nephews, plus a few special friends. I wanted a printed resource of recipes, photographs of the completed recipes, and tips and imagery documenting my manner of entertaining. The book is filled with photos of family and friends, art as it relates to food, and pics of significant travels. As years progressed, I yearned to expand the book, not a simple task once printed! Rather, Brenton suggested that I begin a blog cataloging the information. This way the recipes and tips are online so that when someone needs guidance, the source is always available.  So, here’s PegHardee.com.  Cheers!  ps… Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. PegHardee@gmail.com

14 thoughts on “About Peg and the Blog

  1. The Frances feelings are mutual here! I hope that you will enjoy the ride through my blog. Thank you; and always feel free to comment on a post. Cheers! peg

  2. Peg hunny – I love this idea!!! I’m signing up because as you well know, we grew up doing this together! Cucumber sandwiches! Will join immediately! xoxo Michele

  3. Your sweet mama taught us how to make these cucumber sandwiches! Remember when we used to sneak them off of the dining room table before her guests arrived?! Ha! We’ve come a long way “Ma Belle”! Much love dear friend!

  4. Can’t wait for you to document how to have the perfect cocktail party! Tonight was it. So please, instruct us all on the food, drink and decor! It was perfect!

  5. Peg this is a wonderful idea! You sure know how to entertain and I know you are a great cook.

  6. Darn – did I miss a great cocktail party? Wish I was there! xoxo and Happy New Year – Michele

  7. Well, Peg, I just discovered this endeavor….yet more evidence of your amazing talents, both in person and in cyber-world. I’m going to leave the fine cookin’, decorating, art, entertaining and bloggin’ to you, girl –you know who to call when you want to get out in the mud, rain and snow and go fish in’ or just stroll around in waders and wool. Just love being friends with you!!!! xoxoxo Cindy

  8. Always love your blog… great recipes and cocktail party ideas… wonderful pics to show the ideas!

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