Mint Julep

The 2021 Derby is over, but Bourbon and Mint Juleps live on forever!
Here’s to the Weekend. May it be a great one for everyone!

5 sprigs fresh mint
2 sugar cubes
2 oz bourbon

Crush mint and sugar in bottom of glass.
Fill glass with crushed ice.
Add bourbon.
Stir vigorously and serve.

Photography by pegHARDEE

Mint Julep

Adult beverage mint julepThrow a little Saturday into your Monday. It’s Derby week people. Get your polish out and put a shine to those silver cups.  Are your julep making skills honed? There are many ways to make a great Mint Julep. Many omit the club soda; but I like to sip this greatness twice Derby afternoon. So I like the soda for dilution! Your choice on how to grab your gusto. Study the contenders. Place your bets. Eat. Drink. Carry on!!

4 sprigs fresh mint
1 Tbs simple syrup
2 oz good bourbon
Club soda
Mint for garnish

Place mint in bottom of cup.
Add syrup.
Muddle well.
Fill cup with crushed ice.
Add bourbon.
Top off with club soda.
Stir well.
Garnish with mint.