Under the Weather with Ginger Beer


Reed’s is Hands Down my favorite. The Q Ginger in the middle is a strong ale and doesn’t deliver on flavor for me. And the Maine Root pictured on the far right is too strong with other added ingredients. I’d go for the Reed’s every time!                        ©PEGhardee

Happy Weekend! As Hurricane Matthew pummels up our Eastern Coast, I’m sending safety vibes for everyone along its path. So, while you are home listening to the rain and winds (or even if you’re not under a storm warning!), enjoy a little cocktail made with Ginger Beer. I love a  Moscow Mule in the summer; but most folks trade that in for a heavier beverage in cooler weather. Heck, don’t put away that ginger beer so fast; simply add it to bourbon and crushed ice. The flavor difference created by adding ginger beer to your bourbon is startlingly wonderful as compared to plain ale. The ginger is much stronger and quite wonderful in the “beer”. Bonus…its really soothing to the tummy…remember when your Mama used to give you ginger ale as a child when you were “under the weather”? Well, we’re under the weather (watch) this weekend, so go for the gusto! Get out your trapper keeper, ’cause here comes an over simplified educational lesson…While the Ginger Beer in the 1800’s was an alcoholic brew, today’s commercial ginger beers are classified as non-alcoholic, as the alcohol content has been reduced to less than a mere 0.5 percent. Find it in your grocery aisle with soft drinks and mixers! So do a double take and improve your outcomes for the weekend ahead. Be safe out there everyone. Nod to my son-in-law, Marc, for introducing me to ginger beer several years back! Thank you dear. Smile.

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