Moscow Mule

It’s Monday…Get your Cocktail on, again…Just Because! And now I present the Moscow Mule, served in its proper copper cup. The cup is key, especially during the hot and humid days of Southern summers. The copper keeps the drink cool and feels so refreshing as it touches your lips. Find yours here at Mark and Graham. In case you’ve never tried ginger beer, it’s found in the soft drink and mixer section of your grocery; FYI, it is non-alcoholic. Wicked Good!!


©PEGhardee     Just sipping along peacefully in my sunroom!

Juice of half lime
1 1/2 oz Vodka
3 to 4 oz Ginger Beer
Lime slice or fresh mint to garnish

Fill a copper cup to the brim with crushed ice.
Pour in lime juice and vodka.
Top up with ginger beer.
Stir well.
Garnish with lime slice or fresh mint.

Naturally, if you don’t have the copper cups, it’s quite delectable in a Collins glass (as I enjoyed a few days back at Silo in Nashville). Personally, I prefer garnishing with mint, because I enjoy that extra freshness.

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