October and Breast Cancer Awareness


Lobby of Burj al Arab, Dubai, October 2013 ©PEGhardee

As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I celebrate family, friends, and everyone proud to be survivors of this disease. Blessings to them. I had my annual mammogram this month, and when I checked out they issued a lovely little pocket calendar just chocked full of healthy hints. So, I’m here to share the love by sharing a few of those great tips, because some things are just worth passing along:

Be in charge of your breast health.
Perform routine self exams; over age 40 get your mammograms annually.
Keep your heart healthy.
Check your blood pressure routinely.
Get moving. Do something physical daily to boost your immune system and get your metabolism going.
Cook at home as often as possible with fresh ingredients.
There are tons of healthy recipes right here on this blog to keep you going!
Manage stress over the upcoming holiday months.
Keep your commitments in check…don’t add too much to your list!
Balance work, home, and play.
Practice time management.
Keep a relaxed and positive outlook.
It’s going to be a fun season, so enjoy it!


More Pink in the Burj al Arab for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Gotta Love a Photo in a Mirror! Burj al Arab, 2013.

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