A Trick Today and A Treat Tomorrow!


Photographed while enjoying a Margarita at my beloved Chico’s, the lively, kid-friendly establishment that the Don and I have frequented for the last 33+ years!

Danny Herrera, of the restaurant Rancho La Gloria in Tijuana, is often heralded as the one to have invented the Margarita in 1938. His inspiration is said to have been the very particular Ziegfeld dancer Marjorie King. Declaring she was allergic to all spirits except tequila, and having nothing to do with a straight tequila shot, she demanded that Herrera concoct her something special. And ta da…the margarita was born!

So, go ahead and turn off your front porch lights, head to your nearest Mexican Cantina, and enjoy a Margarita, thanking Herrera and King with each delicious sip!


Photographed at a darling, quirky little shop in Aberdeen, NC.

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