Sunday Funday, Champagne and Cooking

Champs and art in window-Here is that kitchen window sill again!  It is dreary outside on this Palm Sunday afternoon in ENC, but it is bright and sunny in my kitchen.  I am armed with ample goods from a Sam’s Club stop after church this morning.  So, champagne in hand I am cooking for my nephew who is in MBA school in Georgia.  I will be seeing him next weekend, so I decided to make a couple of things for his freezer.  He is certainly not anticipating that I will arrive with a stocked cooler, so I can’t wait to witness that huge grin of his!  I’ll try to capture it and add it to this post after next weekend!!  To energize myself for the marathon cooking afternoon I first made myself one of my fav sandwiches…the Bleu Cheese Veggie.

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