Radishes with Butter, Guacamole, and Sea Salt

New Appetizer Radish II1 bunch of small radishes
Unsalted butter, room temperature
1 recipe of homemade guacamole
Sea Salt

Rinse and trim ends of radishes.
Place on towel to dry.
Cut in halves or quarters, depending on size of radish.
Place butter in small bowl or ramekin.
Place guacamole in small bowl or ramekin.
Place salt in small bowl or ramekin.

To serve:
Place radishes on one side of a serving platter.
Place butter, guacamole, and salt bowls on platter.
Provide a small knife for the butter, in case needed.
Dip radish in butter or guacamole first, and then salt.

Author’s Note: Purists prefer to serve the radishes whole, with just one end trimmed, leaving the stem and leaves as decoration. But since we don’t double dip in polite society, I like to cut my radishes into bite size pieces. Perhaps place a few whole radishes on side of serving platter as garnish.

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