JeterYesterday was all about that bass, bout that bass, bout that baseBALL. Fenway it was, and alot about the Yankees and Derek Jeter, even letting them win! Everyone knows yesterday was Jeter’s last game, fittingly in my blind opinion, at the great Fenway Park…yep, he retired and good for him. Just as the Yankees paid tribute to the Red Sox after the Marathon Bombings by playing Sweet Caroline, the Red Sox paid tribute to Jeter in fine form as well. (The best however was his final pinstripes appearance at Yankee Stadium with his walk off RBI in the bottom of the ninth Thursday night…but I digress.) Bernie Wms ISpeaking of Seventh Inning Stretch>Jeter’s former teammate Bernie Williams played a marvelous acoustic rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game…in a word…touching.Nats Zimmerman

NEWS FLASH!!! Same Time and during the telecast of the Red Sox/Yankee game, the Washington Nationals made history of their own. AND the stations thankfully interrupted the Red Sox game to show the NATS  historical moment. First time ever in Nats history for a no hitter… by  Jordan Zimmermann…additional kudos to the rookie outfielder Souza for his catch to create history with his pitcher! Can I hear a WHOOP WHOOP?!! Nats Souza

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