Monday is Coming

Fair Warning…This is a Serious Post, with None of my Usual Playfulness.

Don and I placed crosses in our church in celebration of Easter (see below). This particular Easter weekend coincides with Marathon Monday in Boston. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The Marathon is always run on the third Monday of April, Patriots Day. This Monday we celebrate the victory of Easter Monday and the victory of the people of Boston.Cross Boxwood and liliesBut first, reflection…The crosses honor the fallen victims, and the brave survivors (warning…this link is emotional) of last year’s Marathon bombings. We honor their families, rescuers, medical and rehabilitation staff, public safety officers, fire and rescue staff, and all of the people of the great city of Boston. Their bodies may have been broken, but never their spirit! They came back Boston Strong, and there will be lots of celebration Monday. My son in law Marc, is an Anesthesia Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, and helped treat many of the patients/victims following the bombings. He is proudly running this year representing the Emergency Response Fund of MGH. His run will honor all of those I listed above. Additionally he honors his VMI classmate and friend Dic, the transit cop gravely injured in the Watertown shootout (his life was miraculously saved and he is continuing to recover), and his own brother, Eric, who as a member of the SWAT team assisted in the hunt to apprehend the younger Tsarnaev brother. God bless the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be there cheering on Marc, his teammates, and everyone. We even have special MGH Marathon t-shirts. I’ll post pics and info on the experience next week.  ;o)

Boston Strong and MGH Proud!

Marc on a training run 10 weeks ago.

Marc on a training run 10 weeks ago.

Bill Rodgers, 4 time Boston Marathon winner, stopped by MGH Wednesday to encourage all of the runners!

Bill Rodgers, 4 time Boston Marathon winner, stopped by MGH Wednesday to encourage all of the runners!

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