Ricotta Eggs with Basil

Wake up and smell the chai! AND the eggs and bacon. Hooking you up with one of my favorite brunch (and Sunday Supper) recipes this Easter week. Have to admit, I’m also anticipating with much glee my new egg delivery straight from gentleman farmer/my friend Ben at Leggett Farm Organics. Booyah! It’s eggstra special! (Couldn’t help myself.)Brunch Ricatta Eggs I

5 eggs
8 oz fat free ricotta cheese
1/2 cup shredded Romano cheese
2 Tbs sliced fresh basil, plus more for garnish
1/4 cup fat free Half and Half

In a bowl, whisk all ingredients together.

Fill egg poaching pan with 1” water.
Pour a bit less than 1/2 cup egg mixture into each cup.
Set over medium heat, cover and bring to boil.
Then reduce to medium low and simmer until eggs are set, about 12 minutes.Brunch Ricatta Eggs II

Flip eggs upside down onto plate.
Repeat to make 4 more poached eggs.

Transfer eggs to individual plates and serve immediately.Brunch Ricotta Eggs III

*This same mixture can be used to make scrambled eggs.
Spray skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium high heat.
Pour in egg mixture and stir constantly, 2 to 3 minutes, until cooked thoroughly.

Serves 6.Brunch Ricotta Eggs scrambled


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