Thaw in the Straw

"Thaw in the Straw"    ©PEGhardee

Thaw in the Straw                 ©PEGhardee

Don’t sit under the apple tree; sit under the honeycomb, like Judy and Matt do…notice their Beelicious honey on my breakfast table! Our most recent excursion to Boston found us enjoying a delicious, low key brunch at Puritan & Company in Cambridge. How we navigated there beats the heck outa me…Gray and Marc drive the streets of that city as if it’s a one stoplight town in southern Georgia! Since it was Sunday Funday, we ordered adult beverages; Marc enjoyed what they call Thaw in the Straw. Upon returning home I called and kindly asked to speak with the bartender. I inquired about this concoction and he was friendly and forthcoming. You may be asking yourself how I even knew that I wanted to re-create it. We are a bourbon loving family; but here’s a confession. Marc stepped away from the table with Liam for a split second, and TD, Gray, and I all tasted it! Oopsie!! Thanks Marc. Here ’tis!

1 1/2 oz bourbon
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz honey
2 oz ginger beer

Mix bourbon, lemon juice, and honey together in glass.
Fill with ice.
Top up with ginger beer.

Puritan & Company, Cambridge

Puritan & Company, Cambridge

Liam and Puritan's Boston Cream Donut, Yummy!

Liam enjoying Puritan’s famous Boston Cream Donut, Yummy!

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