Bloody Mary Special

Blody Mary Ice CubesHo Ho Ho! I’ve made my list, and checked the darn thing at least thrice (maybe 9 times!). Everyone has their own unique recipe for a Bloody Mary, so I will leave that specific concoction up to you. However, for the Holiday Season I highly encourage making Bloody Mary ice cubes for your guests, and of course for you! I combine Zing Zang mix with a dash of Tito’s vodka in a small pitcher, then pour it into the trays (you don’t want the cubes really strong!)…that is if you want them to taste your fabulous cooking that you have literally fretted about for weeks. Ha! Fill an old timey ice cube tray and allow to freeze. After frozen I like to pop them out of the cube tray and store in a sealed ziploc, so there is no freezer aroma in the cubes. Then after you whip up your batch of B Mary’s, plop a couple of frozen cubes into the glass, fill with your B Mary and relax…I promise that the day will float right by with lots of love, laughter, delightfulness and not a single snafu! Happy Holidays! See you on the other side of the Holiday Season, if not before! PS…I do love celery salt, fresh celery, hot sauce of your choice, and a fresh lime in my Bloody!

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