Frances Atlanta TableWell just pack my suitcase, again! Lucky me…the don took me along to Atlanta this past weekend with a few members from his office staff. In hind-site I believe my purpose there was to provide the comic relief following their long days at the dental conference. Doesn’t bother me. I delivered the comedy AND roamed around Atlanta! Atlanta ~ Fabulous and Southern are only two of the two thousand adjectives that one could use to describe this charming (oops, another one!) city. Tall buildings, hotels galore, traffic … and it still feels warm and friendly (two more!). Did I mention the gorgeous homes along the tree-lined residential streets that seem to have sprung naturally from the land? No noise or heavy traffic there! You can’t even believe that just around the corner is the hustle and bustle of commercial and business life. And the entire time as I ambled through and around Lenox I kept thinking of my friend Frances Schultz’s swellegant book Atlanta at Table.  It’s not a stretch to imagine her inspiration to pen this one! Style and Southern Know How leap off the pages; and the recipes are all top notch, from Gingered Asparagus, to Grilled Pork Tenderloin, to Brandied Crème Anglaise. Atlanta was Frances‘ home when the book was published in 1996; trust me, both the book and Frances have retained their beauty, exquisite taste, and relevance. Hurry to this link and snag a copy. It will become your manual for entertaining with flair and confidence. Ready.Set.Go!

3 thoughts on “Atlanta

  1. Peg Oh my goodness! I am so glad you had a good trip to Hotlanta, and bless you a thousand times for this generous mention. If anyone would like a signed, personalized bookplate for their new or existing copy, please lmk and I’m happy to provide. Love and thanks, Frances

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