Orange Champagne Cocktail

Cocktail Orange Champagne IIAll eyes on this! We happened to be in DC immediately following the big snow of February, 2010 bidding farewell to Brenton, who was on her way back to London for the spring. The very adept snow plow operators left 10 foot banks of filthy snow all along the curbsides, so very few were venturing out. Thus the hotel bar was over hyped with boisterous activity. This little jewel was their Friday night special. I know, it’s only Wednesday; but it is h.u.m.p.d.a.y after all. A National Treasure in the Nation’s Capital!

1 oz Mandarin Vodka
6 oz Brut Champagne
Slice of orange for garnish

Pour Vodka in flute.
Fill with champagne.
Float a small piece of orange on top.

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