The Old Cuban

My Version in the Wine Glasses from Gray and Marc's Wedding Dinner Dance

My Version in the Wine Glasses from Gray and Marc’s Wedding Dinner Dance

Get Your Cocktail On. It is after-all Sunday Funday! I have a new favorite cocktail. Shocking I know. My first experience with the Old Cuban was with Gray, Marc, Liam and TD this past Thursday afternoon at Drink, Boston, just voted the “world’s best cocktail bar at this year’s Spirited Awards at the Tales of the Cocktail”. (Hell yea, follow them on FB!) The bartenders are so adept at mixing that they simply ask you what tastes you prefer and then craft something specifically for you. I mumbled something akin to “well I love a proper mojito in summertime and I adore champagne”. So he comes up with this most perfect concoction. Oh yea, I’m in love, all over again. Got home yesterday morning at 9:15 and waited til 6pm to try my own version. (Nice test of self restraint!) Not quite as tasty, but damn reminiscent! So, give it a try! No disappointment here.

3/4 oz lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
6 fresh mint leaves
1 1/2 oz gold, aged rum
Dash bitters
2 to 3 oz champagne

Pour lime juice, sugar, and mint into shaker.
Muddle mint gently.
Fill shaker with ice.
Add rum and bitters.
Shake well.
Strain into wine glass.
Top off with champagne.

Grainy Pic...It is just an iPhone in a Dark Bar!

Grainy Pic…It is just an iPhone in a Dark Bar!

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