Ahhh…Primland, Entry #3, finale!

Dinner IOur last evening at Primland was completely over the top. We were in the kitchen, yes right in the kitchen with Chef Gunnar and his staff. They prepared a phenomenal dinner with amazing wine flights. It began with a perfectly crisp champagne and an “Amuse” of oyster with diced jicama on the half shell. Now i simply don’t tolerate oysters, no matter the prep method; so it must’ve been the atmosphere or the fact that Rick made me do it, but I tossed it right down the hatch. Now I’ll probably never have another one as no oyster in the world could ever be that sweet or tender, much to my total amazement. My man Gunner has a secret! Next came a bite of Dinner II champagneCarolina Black Bass, then Wild Nettle Soup, followed by Seared Duck Breast, then Roasted Loin of Border Springs Lamb.  Uh huh…it goes on. From there was a Limestone Lettuce with Bing Cherry Conserve, Primland Strawberries Napoleon and then Chef capped it all off with a showstopping dessert of Nitro Frozen Milk Chocolate Mousse. Count that…eight courses, but Dinner IV cheershonestly only a taste or two per course. I promise, we aren’t gluttons. or ?  PS…apparently our sommelier can only “sommel”, as the group photos he took attempted to take of us are just a big, blurry mess! Ahhh…Primland, take me back.Dinner VI dessert

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