Ahhh…Primland, Entry #2

Dry Land!

Back on Dry Land, Boots Already Off!

Peg Thru the Ferns

Through the brush and ferns to the River

Lawdy! Lawdy! My Fly-Fishing Experience! I’m not exactly the summertime outdoorsy type of gal. Actually, I LOATHE with capital letters, the hot, humid, bug and mosquito weather. sneeze. nose itch. YUK.period.YUK. But I found myself at this loveliest of lovely mountain retreats, Primland, a couple of weeks ago. And fly-fishing has been on my I Wanna Do This List (anyone have a better title…can’t stand “bucket list”!) for a while now. My dear friend Cindy, athletic beyond compare agreed to accompany me. So, posh resort…I envisioned the guide would just swoop us up in his snazzy SUV, drive us to the river’s edge, help us in to our waders, and walk us out to the fishing zone.  WRONG!! Cindy and I buckled up with a happy ole guy who called himself Carl (complete with a bit of a mountainy twang) in an older than those hills rattle trap of a truck and forged on to unmarked territories and roads he created as he drove. And then came the hike, twice, as he took us to 2 spots on the River Dan! Up and down and around the banks, we finally reached the river, twice. Worth it you ask? Heck yea!! Fish caught? Hell No!  Experience loved? Oh yea! Check!

In the Water!

In the Water!

Lesson with Carl

My Man Carl

Over the River and Through the Woods...
Out of the River and Through the Woods…

2 thoughts on “Ahhh…Primland, Entry #2

  1. Love to fly fish! Know you and Cindy had a great time! You’ll have to try again because catching is always fun.

  2. I am proud of you! I do feel shades of the movie Deliverance in the description. Cheers

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