Wake-Up Call

Brunch Wake up callSo this is how I am beginning my Saturday in the kitchen tomorrow while The Don is on the golf course!  Don and I first enjoyed this marvelous beverage at the Culinary Center, Ritz-Carlton, Cancun. It was January, 2007 and the property had just re-opened after being closed for a year due to the damages suffered from Hurricane Wilma, which hit in October 2005. The Ritz invested highly to make the property even more amazing, adding a culinary center, beautifully over looking the Gulf.  Chef Rory Dunaway heads the all Viking kitchen, holding multiple classes daily. He is fantabulous! Thank you Rory for this special Morning Wake Up Call, and all of the other delights that we learned.  Post Script…Props to Ritz Carlton Corp… during the year that they were closed for repairs from Wilma, they secured (or at least offered) each employee a job with a Ritz property in Mexico and the USA.  Outstanding!!

You only need three things!
1 Bottle of Champagne
1 can Red Bull
4 cherries for garnish

Pour 4 glasses of champagne up to an inch from top of flute.
Top off with Red Bull and garnish with cherries.

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