Radish Appetizer with Chive Butter and Pink Salt

It’s Friday again! Get your appetizers and cocktails going. This is a simple gathering of flavors that truly packs a wallop of a touchdown. Just grab a bunch of radishes, a bundle of fresh chives, a stick of butter, and a jar of Himalayan Pink Salt. Rinse the radishes and slice a few in half. Chop chives and stir into room temperature butter, and place in small bowl. Place salt in separate small bowl. Dip radish into butter and then salt, and then smile as it slides in to your mouth, dances on your taste buds, and happily finds its way down your throat!appetizer-radishes-chive-butter-pink-salt

Now, get your backpacks out and your brains in gear for a for a little school lesson. I mean, the children are back at the books learning, so we may as well also, right? Himalayan Pink salt is one of the purest salts available for culinary and therapeutic uses. It has beautiful crystals and may simply be the purest form of salt around. It’s so lovely to see it in a bowl. The majority of the supply today comes to us from the mountains of Pakistan. Millions of years ago, there were crystallized salt beds that were covered with lava, and then with snow and ice, protecting it from modern day pollutants. Mined today in the old fashioned way, by hand, allows us to enjoy its unique purity and flavor. And a big bonus here is since the Himalayan salt is less refined and the salt crystals are larger, you are consuming less sodium per serving than regular table salt. You can thank me whenever the mood strikes you!


I ordered this on line, but heck, they sell it at your local Walmart Neighborhood Market. Hurry, Hurry to Get Some!



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