9 MILLION Meals!

Rachel Ray Celebrates the 9 MILLIONmeals Campaign with Sponsors of Feeding America and No Kid Hungry

Rachael Ray Celebrates the 9 MILLIONmeals Campaign Completion with Co-Sponsors Representing Feeding America and No Kid Hungry!

Good Evening Great People of the World Wide Web and Blogosphere. I know, I’ve watched a LOT of television while recovering and doing my Beatrice exercises. This morning’s viewing offered a flight of fancy as something wonderful came to fruition, with open-ended possibilities for the future as well. Back in September of good ole 2014, to celebrate the beginning of her ninth season hosting the Rachael Ray Show, Rachael and her Yum-o! charity launched the 9 MILLIONmeals Campaign with cosponsors Feeding America and No Kid Hungry. Their goal was simple…provide 9 million meals to hungry Americans, both children and adults, during THIS SEASON. Hello Beautiful Dinner. Today, she reached, and then surpassed her goal. Rachael’s friend Buddy Valastro of Carlo’s Bakery teamed with Tyson Foods to put the Campaign over the top reaching 9,084,618 meals served! THEN Rachel surprised each of the two co-sponsoring organizations with a personal donation of $100K…yes $100,000 to EACH organization, which placed her 9 MILLIONmeals Campaign serving a whopping 11,084,618 meals…well over ELEVEN MILLION MEALS to hungry Americans.

Coming Tomorrow, Just in Time for the Weekend!

Coming Tomorrow, Just in Time for the Weekend! Strawberry Crumble…Easy Peasy, and That’s a Promise!

Hope I didn’t sound too ranty; at least it’s a proud rant. I was going to post a Strawberry Crumble recipe today, and then I saw that show and just thought…I can post that sweetness tomorrow and it’ll still be a scene stealer. This righteous goodness needs to be spread today. Because simply put, I post predominately almost always about luxury foods, fabulous places in the world, and elegant events I have been fortunate enough to experience. Hello though…the don and I have worked extremely diligently to capture these experiences; but today, it is good to pause and recognize the great efforts of Yum-o!, Feed America, and No Kid Hungry.

P to the S…did you notice my use of the Oxford Comma above? I’ve always been a huge fan of that comma; and now I’ve been reading devouring Between You and Me subtitled Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris. I may just be a grammar snob! Thank you Mary for bringing it to the forefront.

4 thoughts on “9 MILLION Meals!

  1. Peg,
    That is fabulous! I’m not a tv watcher so thank you for posting/ blogging this.
    Now, where do we send our contributions? The NC Food bank is one of our favorite Charities.
    How the recovery has gone very well!
    I really enjoy your posts! They make me feel better connected with Eastern NC, which I still miss!

  2. Awaiting the strawberry crumble! Love the Oxford comma! Thanks to John
    Clark my dinner table literary instructor.

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