Beatrice and the Blue Apron

Beatrice FrontHelodie! Helodie and welcome to the weekend. This gal hasn’t been in the kitchen in weeks people, weeks. Following the annual visit from the bearded fat man, the Hardee clan converged in Boston for some pre-op partying of marathon proportions, including stylishly bringing in the New Year (with Liam at 9pm!). Upon returning home, I got myself right on over to Vidant to finally get my new knee. (Thank you Dr. H…it’s been a long time coming!) Ta Da…Meet Beatrice!

Beatrice’s public kitchen debut will be documented tomorrow with the Don and me, creating a fabulous Blue Apron meal. Heard of it yet? Blue Apron IBrenton gave both Gray and me a trial subscription for Christmas. My first box arrived yesterday. Three meals for two people, with each ingredient tidily labeled, simplifying the exercise in following the recipe. Later in the weekend, be on the lookout for the results of the Curried Vermicelli Noodles, our inaugural entree attempt with Blue Apron. It may look out of bounds, but we’re catching it and bringing it right on home for you.Thanks for the spark Brenton and Blue Apron!Blue Apron II

1 thought on “Beatrice and the Blue Apron

  1. Looks like it will be delicious! That was a thoughtful gift!! Tell Beatrice to behave.

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