Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Bell Buckle CafeOh, the Places You’ll Go! (thank you Dr. Seuss). Of the millions of places on earth, the don and I found ourselves in Bell Buckle, Tennessee a few weeks ago. And what an unexpected treat it was. Bet you’re wondering how this could possibly have occurred? Well, the abbreviated version is: in Nashville; in taxi; serenaded by cabbie with country karaoke; revealed we were headed to Sewanee; were told to take exit 97 into Bell Buckle to “lunch” at Bell Buckle Cafe. So, hell…we did it! Such a treat!Cafe Front

BIG BONUS! It just so happened to be the 20th annual RC Cola Moon Pie Festival.

This is the real deal people.Moon Pie Box RC 6 packMoon Pie StacksRC bucket

2 thoughts on “Bell Buckle, Tennessee

  1. I just had to forward this on to my brother, Fay, who graduated from the Webb School! He will love this… BBB

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