Cool Cuff Links

Cuff Links IIGo ahead…Do something fabulous. Just in time to “Git-r-Done” (thank you Larry the Cable Guy!) for Father’s Day. How marvelous is this? Leave it to our dear friend and jeweler Hattie of Kiss the Ring to come up with this idea. Oh wait…Hattie is always creating great design ideas in that head of hers! A couple of Christmases ago Brenton and Gray gave the don a set of cuff links with their initials engraved, one on each link. Now, stop me if this isn’t brilliant! And TD sports them with pride quite often. Thank you wonderful girls and Hattie, for making this happen. PS…for all of you with larger families, trust Hattie to figure it out and allow you to spread the joy. Cheers!Cuff Link Gray

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