Caroline Shaw-Grammy Winner!

Caroline close up IVWell, here is the news for the day…Caroline Shaw won a G.R.A.M.M.Y. yesterday! Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance Category. Yup, no scam, just the facts ma’am! Caroline backHere’s the link Scan to 1 hour and 9 minutes into the show, and you will hear Cyndi Lauper introduce Caroline and Roomful of Teeth, followed by their performance. And at 1 hour 22 minutes 50 seconds, you will hear the award announced and see their acceptance! Caroline grew up right here in Greenville; her ecstatic parents are Jon and Bob, and her proud siblings are Robert, Steven, and Nancy (who was in LA Caroline and groupand at the Grammy’s with her!). The grandest congratulations go out from Greenville and all of the world to Caroline and her Roomful of Teeth mates!

The Conductor thanking Caroline for her composition.

The Conductor thanking Caroline for her composition.

I think that all have plenty to "sink their teeth into"!

Hamming it up for the media!


Sisters, live from the Grammys, via Caroline's Instagram page!

Sisters, live from the Grammys, via Caroline’s Instagram page!

Let’s not forget that Caroline won the Pulitzer Prize for Music last April, making her the youngest composer to have won the award since its inception in 1943. Yessirree. This is no joke. Caroline Shaw is the real deal! Read all about it right here! Whoop Whoop!! Disclaimer…Images were snapped from the computer during the live telecast and are property of The Grammys, (with the exception of the last one, which was downloaded from the www, and is also property of The Grammys)!

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