Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

c005a for RizaGoodness Gracious, as my maternal grandmother, “Mama” used to say!  I literally have neva in my life seen anything like this place. Istanbul was the first stop on this magical mystery tour with my fab fam of five (six counting Liam, but he was with his amazing MA grands)! Second day in, we ventured into this place. Grand c008bBazaar. I’m sorry…3 THOUSAND shops in one market. Stop it! Met a fine merchant five minutes into the place. Offered us tea. TD was skeptical, but the rest of us accepted. Marvelous. Ventured back to Spice Market the next day to secure this jewel for stocking stuffers…oops, just blew that surprise; they’ll be more than happy anyway! And this was just 2 hours of a 12 day adventure. More c011to come. Recipes for the holidays in the next couple of days, I promise. Remember the collards! Make ahead and freeze. Just thaw and consider it “done”…i can’t stand that word! Off to Boston for the Pink concert. Have a happy weekend.c017

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