Birds of Paradise, and More

Birs of Paradise I

Patrick Mavros sterling creatures on the right, one of Kate and William’s favorite things! More on that later!

Gray and her sweet Liam were in ENC from Boston for 72 all too hasty hours a couple of weekends ago. So we had ourselves a mojito party, ok, a “show off the darling 2 year old” party! I wanted flowers, but couldn’t dare to take precious time away from “sweet cheeks” (nod to Bonny!) to create complicated arrangements; so I came up with these simple ones to dot around the house. Worked well and took all of 10 minutes! Did a bit more for the dining room center piece; but, silly me, I forgot to photo that! Placed both the bar and nibbles on dining room table so as not to have a lavish spread for a 5pm Sunday afternoon party. Simple, casual, still stylish!Hawaiian flowerAND…here is “sweet cheeks” himself!

My First Ever Jelly Beans!  Thanks Grand!

My First Ever Jelly Beans! Thanks Grand! Yellow Jelly Bean Goop in Teeth to Prove it!

Liam Kicks

KIIIIIIYYYAAAAAAA…or however you spell that!

Liam Gray

Sweet Mommie and “LiBam! (for the times that he BAMS things!)

Liam Lips

Kisses to Grand and GrandDad

2 thoughts on “Birds of Paradise, and More

  1. Peg, found you by way of Frances Schultz’s blog, an old Saint Mary’s connection, and I love your abbreviation for eastern North Carolina….ENC, why didn’t I think of that!? I am originally from “little Washington” and I know I am going to enjoy your blog!

  2. How delightful to hear from you. You are from the ORIGINAL Washington my dear. I have a darling 8 week old great niece named Mackenzie. Frances is fabulous, right?! Aren’t we lucky girls to know her. Happy blog reading. Cheers! peg

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