Champagne Grapes and Cheese

Appetizers Champagne Grapes and BrieSince my Friday post today was a personal one to honor my older daughter’s b’day weekend, I thought I’d give you a bit extra for your weekend! TD (the don.38 years and counting.for new readers) and I went out after work Wednesday afternoon and got ourselves a new little pocket size Nikon Coolpix for an upcoming trip. Naturally, I am taking my trusty Canon with all of the additional (heavy) lenses and flash filters; but I coveted a trusty pocketbook camera to record the evening shenanigans without all the drama of the FLASHY big threat! We came home and celebrated with this nice little treat. There’s little finer than the loveliness of a champagne grape (not always an easy find..especially here in ENC..try Fresh Market!) Paired with simple cheese, it becomes just the perfect hors d’oeuvre. We just went ahead and called it dinner. Go out and treat yourself. It’d be the perfect Saturday nite stay home, watch DVR, cocktail evening. Just thinking! Happy Weekend!

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