My Other Favorite Blog



Frances. She doesn’t even need a second or last name. She is so wonderfully brilliant as Frances! She is my heart’s desire. When I was a teenager at the CBC in Atlantic Beach we played tennis together…her long lean legs and her swift strong racket swings always overpowered me…I had no chance! Our Mothers were dearest of friends and taught us early by example how to have a lot of fun. Then our worlds cycled differently. And we drifted…far. But an amazing thing about this world wide web is that you CAN reconnect. This gal doesn’t sit still for even a skinny minute. Goodness, her life is full and fab, as is her BLOG. Read this and subscribe ASAP. If you hesitate, you’re the one missing out!

3 thoughts on “My Other Favorite Blog

  1. Dear Peg, Oh my goodness gracious I can’t even believe this – except that you asked me about it last night. This is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time and I appreciate it more than you know! Btw I love YOUR blog and am so happy to discover it. Your recipes sound delicious and I cannot wait to try several. Thank you thank you thank you. And PS, I’m not so sure about the tennis thing, but you are most generous. Love, Frances

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