New Watermark on Photos

Yes! I AM retired and now can goodies. It’s a bold new world. Or perhaps the watermark will just be © PEGhardee in this little grey area below the image.

Listen Up Please! It has been brought to my attention by a charming young friend of mine that it is not apparent that the photography on this blog is by me, moi, Peg! Well, I guess that would be with a few very rare exceptions where I always credit the photographer. So, I got myself on Watermark Pro this afternoon and created a watermark, which I was disappointed in, as there wasn’t enough creative liberty (see photo on left)! I’m still tweaking this process of making the image owner clear to you, the audience! Therefore this may morph a few times prior to becoming the Final Answer! So there you have it. In actuality I prepare all of these recipes and “photo” each and every one; and I snap the pics as I travel near and far, town and bar!  Enjoy this new little piece of knowledge. And I promise a recipe next post, honestly!

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