Omaha Beach and the English Channel.

Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, the Normandy Invasion by the Allies.  Americans, British and Canadians braved the unfavorable circumstances and stormed Utah and Omaha Beaches to fight the Germans.  By nightfall of the first day, the Allies had a strong foothold on Hitler’s forces in France.  In 2010, The Don took Brenton and me to Normandy for a history lesson and tour by a marvelous French guide, ever grateful to the American support in defeating Hitler in this all important battle of WWII.  The American Cemetery is a beautiful, emotion evoking sight, right up there with Arlington National Cemetery (especially at Christmas with the wreaths).  Some images from this fab experience:

Pointe du Hoc, where soldiers scaled the cliff to attack the Germans

Pointe du Hoc, where soldiers scaled the cliff to attack the Germans

The American Cemetery, Colleville sur Mer

The American Cemetery, Colleville sur Mer

American Cemetery

American Cemetery

Am Flag at Normandy Beach

America STRONG!

2 thoughts on “D-Day

  1. Peg. Thank you for sharing your experience. Normandy has always held a special place in my heart. My dad served in The Big Red 1-the First Division. He went onshore the afternoon of June 6. He spent all of that morning on a Higgins boat, scared and seasick. He never could swim, so that day was even scarier for him. He had been in the invasion of Sicily and had been dropped off in six feet of water, so that experience was also in his mind. Well, he obviously made it, but a lot of his buddies did not. How can we ever fully appreciate the enormity of what this soldiers sacrificed? Spence

  2. Heartwarming Spence. If you ever have the opportunity to go, it will “move you” emotionally beyond what you anticipate…even more so for you with your father being such a brave part of the movement. We rarely stop to think of possible fears that our soldiers hold in their hearts while protecting us. Thank you for commenting.

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