I LOVE Cookbooks!

Desk AreaI just can’t help myself.  I love cookbooks and find myself searching for additions to the collection all too frequently.  From my perch at the computer there are over 55 visible.  And the newer ones are scattered throughout the house so that when I take even a 5 minute break from everyday “busyness” I can dog-ear a page or two!  A few of my most recent favs are pictured below, with links to the author’s website.  I’ll share tips and recipes from these as time allows!  Daphne OzForget that she is the daughter of Dr. Oz, Daphne is real, and I really like her latest book Relish.  I only wish I had thought up her tag line; an adventure in food, style and everyday fun…yes!  David RoccoDavid Rocco‘s Made in Italy was a birthday gift from my dear friend Mary Margaret. Guy FieriI really love Guy Fieri, controversy and all.  This was a Christmas bonus from Gray.  Curtis StoneAnd Curtis Stone…well he is just fun and easy on the eyes!

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