Pink, Cheers, Love, and Peace!


from Pink’s website

Yesterday was spent with The Don, Mother, Gray, Marc, and that darling Liam.  McCormick & Schmick’s was the venue.  Gray pops up with a Mother’s and Father’s Day surprise for the Pink concert in Boston!  Flaberghast! (According to Urban Dictionary…”an action of being amazed”) And in case the day couldn’t offer additional greatness, Brenton, in her absence mailed us cards via the manager and sent our favorite champagne. Brilliant! (According to Urban Dictionary…the British use this to compliment “outstanding performance, concept, or product”)  Uhh, the waiter wasn’t shabby either!  As Marc quipped “Did Brenton order the waiter too?”  FABULOUS!

Pink, Cheers, Love, Peace!

Brenton Champs

Grand and Liam IIChamps and Peace glasses

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