In Honor of Boston

Boston StrongNow that this long week for Boston and our nation is on the path to closure with suspect #2 in custody, I see cause for celebration.  Thank you to all of the great people in every realm of life who stepped up to the tasks at hand…kudos to my son in law Marc who was at Mass General all week, and his brother Eric, SWAT team member actively called to duty.  Great article here about the efforts of all involved from the NewYorker.  At their home game Wednesday night the New York Yankees played the Red Sox eighth inning theme song Sweet Caroline in tribute!  Amazing sportsmanship from life long rivals.  And here are the residents of Boston celebrating and singing the National Anthem in the streets as Friday night became victorious.  And Marc posted this on FB Friday night…”Was saving for a championship… And then our law enforcement won one.”  I’ve seen that bottle hanging out in their bar for years, and know that he was saving it for a Boston athletic championship … but so proud of the moment he and Gray decided to christen it!  Boston Strong!  Absolut Boston


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