The Quintet, Nik’s Vod Box

Family VodBox II 8x10

I warned you that I love unique and/or lovely bars…all over the world.  After my father died nine years ago, the five you see pictured above coined ourselves The Quintet!  We have been numerous fun/glamorous/and not so glamorous places together.  Here, we were at Nik’s Vod Box in LA, December of 2007.  I was still in retail art sales at the time and Mother dreamed up this venture to visit LA rather spur of the moment.  I wondered how I would ever be able to take off five days in the height of the Christmas selling season…alas, it was worth all of the hoopla of getting away from the retail side of my life!  Nik’s was my first Vod Box experience and it offered a huge variety of different Vodka brands to sample. We all donned their fur coats and my Mother used this picture for her quite festive Christmas card that year; please realize that she was 81 at that time!  She’s still kicking up her heels these days at 87!  What a spirit!

This was our Vod Box tour guide, Leopold!  IMG_6756Then there is my bro Will. IMG_6762 And Peg and The Don with our shots!IMG_6781

IMG_6776 pink neon IMG_6764 colored pencil

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