Hardee Pardee!

Hardee Pardee

The Friday evening after Thanksgiving this past year I hosted the first, perhaps annual, Hardee Pardee!  All of the 16 Hardee cousins, spouses and “significants” were in town, and they were not going to all be together at Christmas.  So we decided to have a large celebration.  Both of my daughters were home, so the prep time was fun-filled and quite lively!  Marc made us surprise espresso martinis while we were cooking.  Brenton loves a frittata, having spent  a gracious amount of time in Spain.  She wanted to prepare that; it was the first time I had ever served that at a cocktail event.  She cleverly cut the frittata in to bite-sized pieces, and passed it throughout the house.  The tray was empty before she made it to the last room.  It was a huge hit.  So…lesson learned…anything may be turned into a small portion appetizer.  Cheers!

This is my kitchen the following morning!  Totally worth every effort of the cleanup!!

After the Party

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